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Andreas Görzen


Andreas Görzen


Andreas Görzen was born in 1986 in Kazakhstan (Karaganda).

Already at a young age he discovered his passion for painting.

After finishing school he received new impulses by a stay in South Africa, where he was charitable active for children. He worked as a pizza baker and devoted every free minute to painting, falling in love with art once again. Gorizia’s paintings are large and colourful. He loves to bring the power of the colours on large canvases.

Since 2014 Andreas Görzen has been painting exclusively with acrylic colours on canvases. In addition he uses different materials such as feathers, Swarovski stones, masks and LED lights for some of his works.

In March 2017 the artist decided to turn his hobby into his profession. His aim is to be able to live from art in the near future and to continue to inspire people and make them happy, thus making the world a little more colourful and cheerful.

His works have already been exhibited many times in German-speaking countries, but his aim is to reach and touch even more people through international exhibitions.

Vernissage “Kaschmir trifft Kunst” (Hachenburg/Germany)
Art fair “Artlokal – Kunstplatz Rhein – Sieg” (Windeck/Germany)
19. Art International (Zurich/Switzerland)
10. Efficiency Tischmesse (Basel/Switzerland)
Dounan Art Museum Kunming (China)

Dounan Art Museum Kunming (China)
Solo exhibition in the gallery Loeffel (Basel/Switzerland)
Art gallery Langheinz (Darmstadt/Germany)
Art gallery Steuer (Worms/Germany)

Solo exhibition in the gallery Elitzer (Saarbrücken/Germany)
Gallery Wehr (Pulheim/Germany)
Gallery Kunst-Direkt (Hamburg/Germany)
Art house Watzl (Ludwigsburg/Germany)
Art 599 (Düsseldorf/Germany)
Nissis Kunstkantine (Hamburg/Germany)
Charity event Doc Heilein and Friends (Düsseldorf/Germany)
Orrick – House (Düsseldorf/Germany)
Im Stilwerk EG (Köln/Germany)

Group exhibition (Cologne/Germany)
Solo exhibition in the gallery Loeffel (Basel/Switzerland)
Kulturkirche Ost (Cologne/Germany)
Bankhaus Lenz (Berlin/Germany)

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Fri ‒ Mon: 09am ‒ 05pm

Adults: $25
Children & Students free

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