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Jochen Cerny

Photographic Artist

Jochen Cerny


Jochen Cerny is from Düsseldorf and now lives and works in Munich. Artistic talent runs in his family, with a grandmother who was a passionate photographer and a father who worked as a marketing consultant with industry photographers. Today Jochen produces highly colorful, sometimes abstract, photo art.

Although Jochen originally wanted to be a professional photographer, he ended up as far from photography as one could get – in an international investment banking career. Some years ago, his passion for photography was reignited when he shared his photos with his childhood friend and famous photographer Andreas Gursky, who encouraged him to continue.

Since then, Jochen has developed his own unique style. He was influenced by the Düsseldorf School of Photography, but has developed his own idiosyncratic style with a focus on color and the object.

Jochen has won multiple awards in photo challenges such as the Trierenberg Circuit, the Monochrome Awards, Fotoforum Magazine and Viewbug. He has exhibited his artworks in various galleries in Germany, New York, London, Paris, Zurich, and Hong Kong and received much praise both by art collectors and photography lovers. He is a member of the association Kunst International Stuttgart E.V., and in March 2020 he was nominated as a curator by the Asian Art Association in Singapore.

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