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Markus Böhm


Markus Böhm

Markus Böhm is a contemporary artist. His inspiration is everyday life. He believes that every person has the power to make the world a better place for themselves and others. He encourages the viewer to go through the world with open eyes and curiosity and to improve grievances in the process.

Markus Böhm is the son of an art teacher. In Bremen, he completed his specialised baccalaureate in art and design with a focus on surface and sculpture. At the same time, he took up studies at the Academy for Fashion and Design and began a career in the textile industry.

From artist, to director of an institute for the textile and clothing industry in Indonesia, to start-up entrepreneur, to marketing and communications consultant for international corporations, Markus Böhm successfully reinvented himself again and again.

In his long and multi-faceted professional career, he has created campaigns and events and acted as a creative driving force for his clients. Creativity in all its forms is the common thread running through his exciting CV. In his early 50s, he is now returning to his starting point and incorporating his experiences and lessons learned into his art.

In his works, he addresses social and environmental issues such as change, consumption and sustainability, which he translates into a visual language that ranges from naïve to provocative. He is at home in both abstract and representational design. His works are owned by private collectors and one work has already been nominated by the Royal Academy of Arts in London. Markus Böhm lives and works in Frankfurt am Main and occasionally abroad.

Amazing Art Gallery, virtual exhibition (Debut) – Frankfurt am Main, Germany
BKI, group exhibition (Safehouse) – Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Amazing Art Gallery, virtual exhibition (Crossfade) – Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Holy Art Fair, vvirtual exhibition (Reberation) – London, UK
Trinity Church (Light) , Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Luxembourg Art Prize, Luxemburg

Art Association Family Montez, Group exhibition (Here we are), Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Viva Con Aqua Arts, Auction, Hamburg, Germany
Amazing Art Gallery (Discover & Improve), Frankfurt am Main, Germany
COPETRI Convention (Bridging Perspectives), Offenbach, Germany
Nomination Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition, London, UK
AXIS Tower (Discover & Improve), Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Discovery Art Fair, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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