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Maxim Wakultschick


Maxim Wakultschick

Maxim Wakultschik’s art consists of mathematically precise and accurately constructed works in which a formal order is created from independent individual parts.

In his complex and multi-layered works, he explores the interplay of light and shadow, surface structure and color vibration. The focus is always on the effect that results from the reflection of the ambient light and leads to oscillating variations in reality that constantly challenge us to proactively approach the works. In the encounter with a work of art by Maxim Wakultschik, the smallest movement, the slightest change of perspective leads to astonishing new impressions.

This turns the works into kinetic objects in which the dividing line between reality and illusion is blurred. As flexible constructs of the individual, Maxim constantly invites us to overcome the limits of our perception.

Born in Minsk (Belarus) has been a recognized artist across the globe for decades. Budapest, Geneva, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Mallorca, Zurich,
Mykonos – that’s just an excerpt of the cities where Wakultschik presents and successfully sells his works. He is represented in top galleries. The demand for his works is truly enormous. In the meantime, his unique paintings are still in the fifth-digit size.

His artistic talent was discovered and specifically promoted at the age of eleven. Until the end of the Soviet Union, Wakultschik at the Belarusian Lyceum of the Arts dealt with the basics of classical art and painting.
From 1992 he initially studied with Beate Schiff and Jannis Kounellis at the Düsseldorf Art Academy. Here he discovered his fascination with the spatial – objects, sculptures and reliefs.

He uses works such as paper, plexiglass, metal and wood with the classic painting materials canvas, oil and acrylic. A unique artist who, among other things, uses “simple” toothpicks to awaken his works to a three-dimensional view.

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