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René Büttner


Rene Büttner

René Büttner has been passionate about painting since he was a little child and always wanted to become a painter.

Painting was always a source of energy, a safe haven and a place of retreat for him. Büttner describes himself as a dreamer in life and a realist in painting.

Büttner tries to get as close to nature as possible and works finely by “stroking” the image onto the canvas. There is hardly a reference to the ductus, barely any hard edges. His work is not “loud” and expressive, but restrained, melancholic and poetic. In his own words, he describes it as follows: “Like clouds are the poetry of the sky. Do you remember lying in the meadow, looking at the clouds with the wind in your hair? You could see everything in them. Everything you could imagine. These images came from you. In this way, I consider my works also as a mirror of the soul,” and adds: “All the things that you see in it, that you feel when you look at it, are directly related to yourself and should help you to understand yourself better, to open the doors to your own complex and wonderful identity. The ambivalence of the elements, as a trigger of natural phenomena and catastrophes on the one hand and the base of all life on the other, is incredibly appealing. In addition, there is the association of the human being and its ambivalence, in which the elements are considered simultaneously life-giving and death-bringing, can evoke danger and well-being.”

René Büttner deals with the themes with depth and considers his works as the result of an inner dialogue.

The quality of his artworks is also defined by a perfectly crafted, photorealistic effect. Nevertheless, the artist constantly sets new, higher goals and pursues them with consistency and passion. In deep clarity and detail, he preserves moments from the eternal flow of time in his work. The more perfectly he depicts reality, the more incorruptible it shows the beauty in the workings of the elements. He wants to give the audience the opportunity to see themselves as part of a great miracle. The romantic representation in his motifs is intended to inspire the viewer to dream.

His passion should transfer to the audience and connect them with their inner child, for whom dreams were realities and every contemplation a fascination. With his art, he wants to open a space of tranquility in which the sensitivity of all the senses can unfold. His goal is so that the observer feels harmoniously connected with the elements. He dreams of a world in which everyone sees themselves as a miracle, in which amazement is more important than classification, where you can be a child forever and everything is possible.

The artist is inspired by the artworks of the Romantics around Caspar David Friedrich and the music of Nick Cave and The Cure.

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