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Robert Hettich


Robert Hettich

The breadth of the interpretation of Hettich’s pictures lies with the viewer. He sees his kind, there, in this snapshot that comes to life with the help of his thoughts. And life is infinite, just like space. Man sets limits for himself. And there are no limits to the visual scope, Hettich’s pictures!

If our present is infinite and boundaries blur more and more … Where should you go? Where?

The pictures show what this is all about: being safe among people, the countermovement to being alone, for isolation … despite the cold and confusing nature of today.

In the pictures people have something in common:

Depending on the occasion of the meeting, depending on the event, an agglomeration can often be observed, the people depicted are oriented towards an event. The assembly condenses, is structured, is grouped around a center.

So it is up to everyone to decide where to go. Do you run with the crowd or do you go against the current?

Hettich stands out due to its extraordinary interplay of light, color and composition, which moves to look deeper into the picture in order to see not only with the eyes but with the soul.

· “European Art Week in Baku” group exhibition, Museum of modern Art Baku, Azerbaijan
· International Art Symposium “Legende Burabay” National Art Museum Kokshetau, Kazakhstan
· 8th Beijing International ART Biennale at the National Art Museum of China.
· “Art Bridge” Museum A. Bogoljubova Moscow, Russia
· “VOLUME UP” art gallery “Fabia ars” Green Citadel of Magdeburg.

· CITY – CLASSIC HETTICH & EILERS exhibition hall of the Oldtimer Museum Eilers-Classic, Hanover
· “ART SHOPPING” Carrousel de Loouvre Paris, France
· RECOGNITION OF NEW ARTISTIC VOICES in Kunming Dounan art muesum Kunming, China
· “TIME TRAVEL” Wetreu Forum Hanover

· “A PICTURE – A TICKET IN ANOTHER WORLD” Art gallery “Fabia ars” Green Citadel of Magdeburg.
· 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, China
· retrospective gallery “Villa Salzburg” Dresden

· “Experiences” at Deutsche Bank Georgs-Platz 20, Hanover

· “City Overture” Bankhaus Halblaut, An der Börse 7, Hannover
· Room + Style & Art Fair Dresden

· “Surprise” Stadtgalerie / KunstKabinett Bad Soden am Taunus, Galerie Schiffler
· participation in the international art symposium “Atelier an der Donau” Pöchlarn, Austria
· “BAU-ART” joint exhibition with the Hannoversche Stadtbaukultur e.V.
· “Cityscapes & Racing Legends” at Kellermann Gallery, Düsseldorf

· “People, heads and people” together with Galerie Schiffler at the BBK Frankfurt
· “FLASH” gallery ART 89. Paris, France
· Gallery “Minerva Art & Design” Malmö / Gallery “New Form” Trelleborg, Sweden

· “Interlunium”, garden hall, New Town Hall, Hannover / Galerie im Kastenmeiers, Kurländer Palais, Dresden / 21 art days, Dornum Castle

· Newsdesk of the Frankfurter Neue Presse Frankfurt a.M. / Galerie Schiffler, Bad Soden a.T. / Gallery Flo Peters, Hamburg / Gallery “The Blue House”, Worpswede / Gallery “Kunstscheune”, Steinhude / Gallery “Contrasts” Erwitte

· Gallery “Kunstscheune”, Steinhude / Gallery “Drevo”, Moscow, Russia / Gallery “The Blue House”, Worpswede

· Gallery ART re.Flex, St. Petersburg, Russia / “Colors of the Olympics”, State Museum of Beijing, China / 2009 “Selected moments. A tribute to Hannover”, New Town Hall, Hanover art fair, St. Petersburg

· State Museum N.A. Ostrovsky, Moscow / State Museum of the First President, Astana, Kazakhstan

· Exhibitions in Hannover, Berlin, Jesteburg, Wolfenbüttel, Munich, Düsseldorf

· Exhibitions in Hanover and Mulhouse (F)

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