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Susanne Kirsch


Susanne Kirsch


The now freelance artist Susanne Kirsch discovered her passion for abstract painting at the turn of the millennium.

Her studio in Rodenbach near Hanau offers her the space to live out her creativity. She walks through the world with open eyes and sees colors, or impressions, also from nature, which she then allows to flow into her art.
Initially in an autodidactic framework, she begins to develop the basis of the informally oriented style. Her career as an artist leads her to new projects and challenges – in life as in art.

During her studies in color painting from 2017, with Professor Jerry Zeniuk and Ingrid Floss at the Art Academy in Kolbermoor and then in Bad Reichenhall, she gave her painting pioneering accents.

According to graphic approaches, the focus is now more and more on color. In addition to exhibitions and participation in art fairs at home and abroad, the artist can also draw attention to herself through publications in two international art books.

Susanne Kirsch is currently represented by two galleries in Hamburg and Dresden, as well as by well-known online galleries.

Her work is shaped by the inspiration of the moment. For her, painting is a reflection of human individuality. She loves to see new things emerge and focuses mostly on large-format acrylic-based works. Developing and dealing with oneself and life is a central aspect of the artist’s work.

In her multi-layered compositions, she skilfully creates the illusion of spatial depth through the interplay of colors.

In addition to her intuitive and gestural painting technique, this is an important characteristic of her painting. With her passion and attention to detail, she captivates the beholder’s eye.

“Painting is an essential part of me, without it my life would be – in the truest sense of the word – colorless. Painting completes me, art creates atmosphere and, above all, brings life.”

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