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Andreas Görzen presents his artworks at the Steigenberger Hof

To mark the end of his successful exhibition, the artist Andreas Görzen, together with KENSINGTON Art, invites to the finissage at the renowned Steigenberger Frankfurter Hof.

KENSINGTON Art presents new art on the island of Usedom

KENSINGTON Art, in cooperation with the Steigenberger Hotel Usedom, will bring the extraordinary works of two German artists to Usedom.

Exhibition of modern art at the Taschenbergpalais in Dresden

KENSINGTON Art and the gourmet restaurant Kastenmeiers invite you to a vernissage at the Taschenbergpalais in Dresden as part of a renewed cooperation from 15.09. – 03.11.2021. Be there!

KENSINGTON Art will be represented for the first time at the Vecinos Cup in Zurich

KENSINGTON Art, the art division of the KENSINGTON Group, will inspire guests with unique artworks at this year’s Vecinos Cup in Zurich for the first time.

Example of a smooth and successful cooperation!

KENSINGTON Art is pleased to announce that a portfolio of various first-class works of art has been successfully brokered for a client’s penthouse in Dresden.

Art exhibition at the Grandhotel Belvédère in Davos

With the reopening, an exhibition of selected works by the painter Hans Emil Deutsch, a pioneer of abstract art, will start in the Belvédère. The exhibition is part of the cooperation between Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts and the KENSINGTON Art GmbH as part of the Evolution Steigenberger.

Young art in old buildings

Hosts: Tina Lüngen (KENSINGTON Art) & Lars Axendorf (KENSINGTON Private Office Hamburg) Young art in old buildings Three artists, three styles, one mansion Our new format has shown how contrasts can fit together, and was met with a positive response [...]

Exclusive cooperation with Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts

Evolution Steigenberger goes Art: Just as most Steigenberger Hotels & Resorts are starting to reopen, a new cooperation agreement has been concluded between Steigenberger and KENSINGTON Art GmbH.

Art as investment in times of crisis

Times of crisis are usually reflected abruptly in the figures on the global stock market. But there seems to be an investment that proves its worth even in economically difficult times. Looking at the auction houses in the big metropolises, such as London or Paris, shows that art is currently a safe investment.

KENSINGTON starts Art division

As of today, the real estate company KENSINGTON Finest Properties International has also entered among exclusive art suppliers with its KENSINGTON Art division. This makes KENSINGTON the first real estate company based in the German-speaking world to have its own art division.

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