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Young art in old buildings

Young art in old buildings

Hosts: Tina Lüngen (KENSINGTON Art) & Lars Axendorf (KENSINGTON Private Office Hamburg)

Young art in old buildings

Three artists, three styles, one mansion

Our new format has shown how contrasts can fit together, and was met with a positive response from all guests and artists at our vernissage held in this unique setting, which remains unforgettable in the minds of many:

and the KENSINGTON Private Office Hamburg presented three renowned artists and their contemporary works in a unique luxury property at the gateway to the city of Hamburg.

And that is precisely why all those who attended this exclusive evening vernissage, presented by Tina Lüngen, Managing Director of KENSINGTON Art – the art platform of the KENSINGTON Group, are to be envied.

Jacob Gils

Contemporary art photographer

The Danish is contemporary art photographer and known for his multiple exposure “Movement” technique. His artworks are shown in numerous exhibitions, art fairs and museums worldwide e.g. in Shanghai, Los Angeles, New York, Monaco, Hong Kong, San Francisco & Paris.

Jacob Gils “paints” with his camera. He places his subject in and out of different points and thus takes several photographs one after the other. The picture is created directly in his camera.

Jacob Gils (archive picture)

Stale Amsterdam


Stale Amsterdam is a Dutch painter. His special field is the action Painting Art, 5 years he was working on his “figurative dripping” form.

Stale is one of the winners of the “Long Live Rembrandt” competition. His artworks are exhibited in metropolitan areas such as New York, Miami, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Dubai. His technique is partly based on the painting technique seen in the expressionistic, abstract drops of Jackson Pollack.

Stale literally throws the paint onto the canvas. Since 2015, Martijn has been working under the name STALE AMSTERDAM as a full-time portrait painter.

Stale Amsterdam & girlfriend

Robert Hettich

Neo-Impressionist, graphic designe & painter

The Tajik Robert Hettich is a creative forca the fields of illustration, photography and graphic design. His artworks are shown e.g. in exhibitions in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin, Kazakhstan & Beijing. Oil and acrylic play the main role in his works.

Hettich stands out for his extraordinary interplay of light, colour and composition, which moves us to look deeper into the picture and to see not only with our eyes but also with our soul.

Robert Hettich & son

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